Summer Looks for Skin and Hair

Photos by Robin GOLDSWORTHY
Kris Kline of Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in Montrose applies makeup to summer bride Tricia Dubin. To see Dubin’s before and after photos, visit


With the changing season we know that, for the most part, it’s time to hang up winter sweaters and pull out summer shorts. But the wardrobe is not the only thing that needs to be prepared for the season. Summertime is also a time for women to reexamine their skincare in preparation for the warmer temperatures.

Surprisingly, many parts of a skincare regimen remain the same year round.

“It’s all in the prep,” said Kim Kelly, co-owner of Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in Montrose.

For years, Kelly and her sister Kris Kline, who owns Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio in Montrose with Kelly, have been helping women achieve their healthiest skin. While keeping skin clean is important year round, it is especially essentially during warmer summer months when warmer temperatures may result in a sweaty complexion. They recommend using a cleanser daily on the face and a toner to remove the residue from any cleansers and makeup left behind. Toner also renews the PH balance of a person’s skin.

“Renewing that balance is very important,” said Kelly. “It prepares the skin for a moisturizer.”

Changing skincare products during the summer is not always necessary, she added, saying that some women prefer using the same products year round.

Women also need to be aware that air conditioning can be as detrimental in drying out skin as does forced heat in the winter.

The beauty regimen, though, is something that commonly does change with the seasons.

“Lifestyles are lighter in summer,” said Kline.

The pair says that lighter shades are commonly used during the summer months to reflect that lifestyle, including a switch to nude and gold tones. Also to be considered is the change in a person’s complexion due to increased sun exposure. Kelly said that during the summer months she liberally uses an SPF to protect from damaging rays of the sun.

Summertime is also wedding season and a summer bride needs to take special care in putting her “best face forward.”

“A summer bride, especially one who has an outdoor wedding, needs to pay extra attention in preparing for her big day,” said Kline. “In addition to a lot going on, she has to be ready for photographs.”

Though always recommended, a primer is an essential ingredient to ensuring that a bride’s makeup stays in place throughout the ceremony and reception.

“Primers are applied prior to the foundation,” said Kline. “They soften pores and keeps products in place.” She also recommends a finishing spray to set makeup.

But the best foundation regarding skin and beauty care, according to Kelly, involves the ears.

“We listen to what the person is most comfortable with,” she said. “We’re not into ‘over-doing.’ Skin and beauty care is a lifelong regimen.”

The Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio, 2341 Honolulu Ave., is open Monday through Saturday; walk-ins are welcome – appointments necessary for special occasions.

Skincare is not the only thing that is commonly updated with the arrival of a new season. Bethany Reynolds at Salon Andalucia in La Crescenta said it’s not uncommon for people to ask for a new haircut or color for the summer.

“Some people like to go lighter in the summertime, darker in the wintertime,” said Reynolds. “They want a new look for the new season.”

However, not every change is dramatic, according to Reynolds.

“You have to deal with the health of the hair, too,” she said of considerations when changing hair color or style.

Salon Andalucia, an Aveda studio, offers a variety of products to protect the hair from sun damage as well.

Salon Andalucia is located at 3073 Foothill Blvd.