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Ask Kris and Kim

Do I really need to wear Sun Protection (SPF)? I’m never in the sun!

Kim says: To be on the safe side wear at least a SPF 15 daily on your face and body. We live in Southern California and we know that the sun ages our skin and causes skin cancer, so why not be protected when walking to your car?

If I wear a SPF 15 moisturizer and a SPF 20 Foundation can I add the numbers to get a higher SPF?
Kris says: No. You will be getting the SPF protection from your SPF 20 foundation, which is the last step after moisturizer.

What should I look for when choosing a sunscreen?
Look for:
“Broad Spectrum” that protects skin against both types of rays – UVB, which burns skin, and UVA, which causes age-related damage.

SPF – Sun Protection Factor – the relative amount of protection you’re getting from UVB rays. For instance, an SPF 15 protects skin from about 93% of UVB rays; an SPF 45 offers protection of about 97 %. Nothing blocks 100%.

Active ingredients that actually absorb or reflect rays. The most common active ingredients are avobenzone that absorbs harmful UVA rays, zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that reflects rays away from the skin instead of absorbing them.

Kris Kline and Kim Kelly are owners and beauty experts at Merle Norman Cosmetics in Montrose. Reach them at (818) 249-1743 or via email at