Rev. Peterson Bridges Racism

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of two organizations designed to educate, motivate and rally Americans – especially black Americans – made a presentation to about 60 attendees of the recent meeting Republican Club of the Foothills dinner meeting in La Cañada.

It was Rev. Peterson’s directness, purity of heart and refreshing bridging of racism that brought him multiple rounds of applause.

Peterson started off his presentation by stating, “I’m not an African American, I am an American! … Yes, I am black and I’m proud of it! … But, more importantly, I am proud to be an American.”

His candor and pride was gripping. Warmth and sincerity flowed as he spoke of growing up in the South in poverty without a father at home. Work, both before and after school, was a necessity for survival; school was secondary.

It was the love of God, he said, that brought peace and love to his heart.

“My life totally changed for the better once God erased bitterness from my heart,” he told the audience. “We must restore the family unit and bring God back into our lives at home, at school, in the public square and in our churches, if we as a nation are going to survive.”

Peterson stressed the importance of all races to work together to “restore individual responsibility, accountability and limit government control of our lives.”

He ended the presentation by reminding the audience, “This is our country and it is our responsibility to protect it and preserve it before we lose it.”

Submitted by Phil DOWNS