Technology Upgrades at VHH

Verdugo Hills Hospital (VHH) recently upgraded its endoscopy system to a new generation model by Fujifilm. The new system produces clearer, high definition images that allow doctors to more easily identify and treat any abnormalities of the lungs, stomach, or bowel.

“Over the past few years technology has greatly improved in televisions and cameras that you have at home. The same concepts have been applied to medical cameras and monitor screens,” said Marian McCann, director of Perioperative Services at VHH. “These advancements allow physicians much clearer and more detailed pictures when they do endoscopic procedures.”

Endoscopy is the medical procedure that allows a doctor to look inside human bodies using an instrument called an endoscope. Endoscopies can help screen for a variety of medical issues including colon cancer, ulcers, colon polyps, lung cancer, obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract, changes in bowel function causes, and pneumonia.

“This new system will allow treatment and prevention to happen sooner and thereby may well save more lives,” McCann said.

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