Sale Saves More than Money

Students held signs to draw buyers to the rummage sale.

By Brandon HENSLEY

A saying goes that everyone has been affected by cancer in some way, whether it be from personal experience or knowing someone who has had it. That is true for students at CV High School and this month they will be participating in a cause as a reminder to never give up searching for a cure.
Several of students from CV’s Prom Plus organization were at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Saturday morning to hold a rummage sale to raise money for the upcoming Foothill Relay for Life event.
The event starts on May 14 at 9 a.m. at Clark High School and is a 24-hour walk to benefit the American Cancer Society.
The relay is made up of teams, and it takes only $100 to stay the night. Someone from each team will walk 24 hours around the school’s field, “to symbolize that we’re always thinking about cancer, always thinking about a cure,” said CV junior Molly Shelton, who helped with the rummage sale.
This year, Shelton and her friends are participating in Relay For Life in the memory of their friend’s mother. Senior Amanda Hayn’s mother battled breast cancer and passed away the day after last year’s Relay.
“The point of Relay [For Life] is the entire day, the entire year, your entire life is supporting cancer patients,” Shelton said.
The rummage sale raised $450. Dr. William Schubert of La Cañada donated many things for the sale, including antiques and an old wooden stool. Many others donated clothes, books, a TV and some speakers which were bought by Lance Bird who attends St. Francis High School.
Bird’s grandmother had lymphoma, and another relative of his died from a brain tumor.
“Whenever I can help … I just think that it’s a worthwhile cause,” he said.

Tables filled with donated goods lined the walls of St. Lukes Sadler Hall

Photos by Danny GOLDSWORTHY