The Value of Social Care


As the complex American healthcare system strives to become a model more value-based vs. volume-based, there has been attention paid to environmental factors facing high-risk populations. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), “the lack of social supports directly contributes to the development of chronic health conditions,” which is particularly relevant to older adults facing greater risks for chronic health conditions, cognitive decline and/or disability with age.

When we visit our medical provider, the attention is on our health status. There is usually little time left to address health-related social needs, such as decreased mobility, isolation and/or access to transportation. In some instances, the lack of social care support and services eventually leads to poor health outcomes. Findings show that healthcare is more effective when provided by a multidisciplinary team specific to your personal situation.

USC-VHH Community Resource Center for Aging has become a local “resource center” by partnering both with providers and community members to assist with a myriad of health-related social needs. The resource specialist actively listens and explores the situation before providing specific information and resources as social care options for addressing that particular person’s needs. This consultation often launches a trusted relationship for future calls when needed.

Since the Resource Center started its complimentary (free) program in 2020 for the community-at-large (not just USC-VHH patients) we have assisted hundreds of individuals each year with resource connections while providing education on aging-related topics – such as in-home assistance/care, caregiver support, managing dementia, downsizing, affordable housing and end-of-life care planning. If you sense there are social care connections that would aid your health or that of a loved one, take time out to call (818) 949-4033 or email us To learn more visit our webpage at

We are here to enhance quality of life.