‘Crystal Fire’ Lights Up Village Poets

Crystal Fire authors

Village Poets presents the anthology, Crystal Fire, Poems of Joy & Wisdom, (Moonrise Press) on Sunday, March 24 at 4:30 p.m. at Bolton Hall Museum, featuring eight of the contributing poets including poet/ illustrator Ambika Talwar and publisher/poet Maja Trochimczyk.

“Maja Trochimczyk’s remarkable new anthology ‘Crystal Fire’ pulls together many poetic gems from several writers. The focus of the book is laser-tight on joy and wisdom, but the kaleidoscope of poetic imagery and insight ranges from the natural world to divine shadows to human relations. Beautiful artwork by Ambika Talwar further enhances and unifies this work with such paintings as ‘Meridians’ and

‘Serenity at Dusk’ brightening its pages. Poems such as ‘Snow Flower’ by Jane Stuart and ‘What is Important?’ by Alice Pero further expand the cosmic scope of these works. Do yourself a kindness in these challenging times and refresh your soul with this lovely volume.” ~ Kathi Stafford, author of Blank Check.

Edited by Trochimczyk and illustrated with paintings by Ambika Talwar, the Crystal Fire anthology gathers poems of joy and wisdom by 12 poets, eight women and four men: Elżbieta Czajkowska, Joe DeCenzo, Mary Elliott, Jeff Graham, Marlene Hitt, Frederick Livingston, Alice Pero, Allegra Silberstein, Jane Stuart, Ambika Talwar, Bory Thach and Maja Trochimczyk. The poets span all ages and diverse life experiences. They include émigrés from Poland, Cambodia and India, and those born in the U.S. College professors join community poets. Native speakers appear alongside those for whom English is the second, or even the third, language. The “joy and wisdom” they write about are also different, as each poet follows their own path and gathers unique reflections to share with their readers.

Two segments of open mic will be available and refreshments will be served. Suggested donation is $5 per person for the cost of refreshments and to donate to the Little Landers Society that manages the Bolton Hall Museum, 10110 Commerce Ave. in Tujunga. Bolton Hall is a Los Angeles historical landmark built in 1913.

The next reading will be on April 28 and will feature Mandy Kahn and William Archila.