J’s Maintenance chooses a PHAT solar solution

J's Maintenance goes solar with help from PHAT Energy. Shown here from left are PHAT Energy solar consultant Michael Davis, general manager Phillipe Hartley, J's Maintenance general manager Chris Waldheim and PHAT Energy operations manager Tom King.

J’s Maintenance, a leading business in the Crescenta Valley, has taken a big new step in energy efficiency by making a commitment to a 21kW solar power plant for its headquarters on Foothill Boulevard in La Crescenta. PHAT Energy, also a locally based company, was selected to design, build and warranty the solar electric generator. Both companies are members of the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce. Crescenta Valley Weekly  visited with J’s Maintenance general manager Chris Waldheim and PHAT Energy general manager Philippe Hartley to discuss the details of this project.

Q: Chris, what does J’s Maintenance do and who is among your customers?
A: Locally, for example, we provide janitorial services to both branches of the Foothills YMCA, Bob Smith Toyota, and the Crescenta Valley United Methodist Church & Childcare Center, among others. We also clean numerous private residences with our J’s Maid Service.

Q: Philippe, can you describe how this solar power system will work?

A: Enough energy to power four homes will be generated each day to be used by J’s Maintenance. What they don’t use will be contributed to the grid and utilized by surrounding homes and businesses. [Glendale Water & Power] will credit J’s Maintenance for that. Since J’s will not be replacing all their power needs through their solar plant, that credit will be applied against the remaining power bill.
Q: Chris, what made you decide to build a solar power plant on your corporate roof?

A: Going forward with a solar solution was always a goal and when we took the time to get a proposal we discovered how surprisingly affordable it was. Thanks to the generous rebates offered through the City of Glendale/GWP, our payback will be in less than five years.
Q: How does this fit in with the business philosophy of J’s Maintenance?

A: We are already focusing on building a green and sustainable business and this is a perfect fit. We rolled out an entirely green chemical cleaning program for our customers. This will allow us to take the next step and at the same time stay off “the grid.”

Q: Chris, how did you select PHAT Energy as your design and construction company?

A: We were very impressed with PHAT Energy’s reputation, their technical knowledge and their innovative approach to solar energy…and they are members of the Crescenta Valley Chamber.

Q: Will the community be invited to celebrate its newest solar plant, and when?

A: (Philippe) We expect the project to be completed in two months…

(Chris) …and all La Crescenta and Glendale will be invited to tour it, ask questions and enjoy a party in celebration of the incredible magic of solar energy.

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