Thursday Club Courtyard Sale Opens Early to Accomodate Rush

La Cañada resident Rosie Betanzos has never missed a Thursday Club Courtyard Sale. Checking out, she has plenty of help from Club members.
Photos by Ruth SOWBY


At 7:50 a.m. on Saturday morning, Feb. 10, dozens of bargain hunters stormed the historic gates of the Thursday Club in La Cañada. The courtyard sale opened 10 minutes early to accommodate the crowd.   

Customers weren’t disappointed. Pre-owned luxury goods at bargain basement prices included antiques, crystal, china, jewelry, holiday décor and toys. Vintage earrings were snapped up in minutes. 

The items were collected over the last year by club members.  It took a week to organize them, price them and place them on tables outside and inside the Clubhouse. Items were donated by members’ families, friends and neighbors.   

Early birds Dan McCarthy and son Felix, 5, discovered a Super Challenge Road Race set for $5. After looking on Craig’s List, Dad found the Thursday Club’s sale. Felix found the set. La Cañada resident Rosie Betanzos spent her money on jewelry, crystal, pottery and “Christmas stuff.” She visited checkout several times, adding to her bounty.  

Dan McCarthy and son Felix, 5, playing with his Super Challenge Road Race set, couldn’t wait to bring it home. The set cost $5 at the Thursday Club’s Courtyard sale.

Other customers prized a high fashion leather wallet for $10, photo frames for $1 and Barbie pink holiday ribbon for 50 cents. According to event co-chair Gracella Gibbs, the sale, in its fourth year, will attract from 200 to 300 customers before closing at 2 p.m. Her co-chair (and current La Cañadan of the Year) Sheri Morton estimated that that sale would bring in about $5,000. 

Co-Chair Gracella Gibbs arranges donated serving pieces at the Thursday Club Courtyard Sale in La Cañada.

The Thursday Club, 185 members strong, is a social, cultural and philanthropic organization. Sale proceeds support the Club’s scholarship and debutante programs.