Keeping life in balance at Verdugo Hills Hospital

Verdugo Hills Hospital’s (VHH) A Balanced Life program helps seniors by offering a comprehensive falls-prevention program that treats patients of all ages who are at a high risk of falling. They provide a customized physical therapy program and in-home risk assessments. The program also offers specialized treatment for patients who suffer from dizziness or disequilibrium.
“Over 1,000 seniors have participated in the Balanced Life Program,” said Laura Knowles, director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at VHH. “Physical therapists with specialty training in balance and vestibular issues conduct one-on-one sessions to increase safe mobility and strength prior to that first devastating fall. We have helped clients from ages 26 to 98 regain their confidence and ability to stay independent.”
As part of the Balanced program, the hospital also offers Get Up & Go classes with a focus on strength, balance and coordination. Taught by a licensed physical therapist, Get Up & Go group classes target seniors who need a regular-based exercise program with medical supervision. A medically supervised gym with cardiovascular and strength training equipment is also available for long-term conditioning programs.
In 2007, A Balanced Life program made the leap into vestibular rehabilitation to treat patients who suffer from dizziness or disequilibrium after receiving funding from UniHealth Foundation, The Green Foundation, Burbank Healthcare Foundation and Glendale Community Foundation. A computerized balance machine is now available in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department to help quantify and improve a patient’s balance and stability.
Reservations are required for the Get Up & Go classes. For information, call (818) 952-2294. VHH is located at 1812 Verdugo Blvd. in Glendale. Community lectures on balance and falls risk reduction are available for small groups and organizations.