Healthy Living 2022: Mailbox Toluca Lake ‘Doctor’ is Here to Help

Jonathan Kramer, right, also known as ‘Doctor Voice’ to his elite clientele, has health products to help stars like actor Cuba Gooding Jr. that are also available to the general public.
Photo courtesy of Jonathan KRAMER

Though customers of Mailbox Toluca Lake expect to see countless mailboxes, greeting cards and typical postal service products, like FedEx, they might be surprised to also see remedies for ailments affecting the throat.

Mailbox Toluca Lake owner Jonathan Kramer, known informally as “Doctor Voice” to the superstars, has been helping his clientele battle laryngitis, hoarseness and other maladies affecting the voice for decades. He remembers how his mother and sister suffered with chronic coughs and how homemade throat lozenges from Switzerland brought them relief. Grether’s Pastilles are among the products that Kramer sells and they’re a recognized treatment.

According to Dr. Leslie Childs, an otolaryngologist with the UT Southwestern Medical Center who is also a singer, in an online article she recommends Grether’s Pastilles as a product that can help soothe a sore throat – an ailment that many professionals are experiencing as they return to stage and sound studios after extended leave due to COVID-19.

Dr. Childs stated that vocal cord muscles could become deconditioned due to lack of use and products like Grether’s Pastilles and teas like Throat Coat can help bring them back to optimum performance. Thankfully Mailbox Toluca Lake offers these products – and many others to address everything from stress, sleep issues and arthritis in addition to voice challenges. To comfort coughs and sore throats, Honees cough drops are recommended as is Honey Crystals, an instant tea for the professional vocalist. And these products can be applied in a variety of ways, from topical applications to sprays and even enjoyed as lollipops.

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