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Buyers Keep Texting After Closing

Dear Phyllis,
My sister recently sold her Toluca Lake home. She hired a local Realtor and had more than 10 offers. The highest bidder waived their inspection contingency. Although her buyer waived their inspection, they hired their own inspector. Weeks after the sale was completed the buyers texted after closing. One of the outdoor lights wasn’t working … my sister told them to change the bulb. Did she leave any extra air conditioning filters? These questions continued for months, with my sister responding. The most recent was that the roof was leaking. She has not responded. I have two questions: This now seems serious; what should she do? Not that I am thinking of selling, but when I do should my agent put in writing that he/she won’t provide my contact information to the buyer? Outraged

Dear Outraged,
Your sister should immediately contact her real estate agent whose role is not over just because escrow closed. If your sister was aware of a recent roof leak or needed repair, she should have disclosed that information on the seller’s disclosures. If your sister was aware of a leak and failed to disclose, her Realtor or an attorney needs to help her devise the appropriate course of action.
If there was a disclosed roof leak (or repair) her Realtor can remind the buyer’s agent that the buyer signed the disclosure that should have been read and understood by the buyer and her Realtor prior to signing. She and her Realtor should also review the buyer’s inspection. Their inspector may have noted the roof was worn or near the end of its life expectancy. In this instance the inspector likely recommended further evaluation by a licensed roofer. In this event, this should be brought to the buyer’s agent’s attention. These scenarios may appear to be simple, but your sister must enlist the help of professionals for these serious negotiations.
As far as your second question, I find it unlikely that any Realtor would provide their client’s contact information to the other party. Sometimes during the buyer’s final walk through the buyer will ask for the seller’s phone number and the seller graciously provides it – which is a big mistake. I advise my clients to not provide their contact information. If the buyer has questions, they should have their Realtor contact me and I will contact my client. If you were to sell your home, you could mention that you want your privacy protected and if you feel more comfortable get it in writing (but protecting your personal information is a priority for any professional experienced Realtor).