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Proposition 19

Dear Phyllis,

I am a recent homeowner in Tujunga. I subscribe to the weekly newspaper allowing me to learn the area. I read your column and hope you can help. I am trying to keep my low tax rate.  I have tried without success to transfer it to my address.

I have written to the Assessor’s office and Howard Jarvis without any response. My previous residence was xxxx St., Sun Valley. My new address is xxx Lane Tujunga, which I moved to in April 2022. I am 89 years old and feel I have tried everything. Maybe you could help me and explain how this works. I would appreciate it. Thank you so much, June

P.S. By the way not computer savvy.


Dear June,

What you are referring to is the recently enacted Proposition 19.

One component of Proposition 19 is that it allows homeowners who are over 55 years of age, disabled, or victims of a wildfire or natural disaster to transfer the lower assessed property value of their primary home to a newly purchased or newly constructed replacement principal residence up to three times (or once per disaster). The tax base may be transferred to a property located anywhere in California.

I looked up both properties. Under Proposition 19, you will continue to pay your previous Proposition 13-protected lower tax base on the first $925,000 of your new home. Because you bought up, you will pay the current full base on the next $378,000.

Without this transfer, you are paying $14,658,750 annually. You must file a “Claim for Transfer of Base Year Value to Replacement Primary Residence for Persons at Least 55 Years”. Your Realtor or escrow officer should be able to help you with this.

Note: I phoned June to walk her through this.