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As Prom Plus Club president and vice president, we want to thank our club members who volunteered and everyone who made the Prom Plus Dec. 5 home tour a success.

We formed our Prom Plus Club at Crescenta Valley High School this year with an emphasis on volunteer opportunities in Crescenta Valley. Our members have volunteered at the American Red Cross shelter during the Station Fire, filled sandbags, worked at nursing homes and at the barbeque hosted by Prom Plus at Back-to-School night.

We had over 30 kids working at the four homes and Flintridge House who participated with the tour. They greeted people as they entered the homes, sold and stamped tickets and answered questions about the residence. Many of them volunteered all day in the rainy weather. We appreciate their hard work and their dedication.

We would also like to thank all the middle and high school musicians and artists that volunteered to entertain at the homes. Mr. Rod Yonkers, director of the music department at Rosemont Middle School, sent several of his very talented orchestra students who played at the Flintridge Home and Morelli home. The Crescenta Valley High School Charismatics added the perfect holiday tone at the Reilly home.

Johnathan Sim entertained guests at the Collyer home. He played piano and sang all day with only one short break. He accompanied Molly from CVHS Advanced Dance and Hoover High’s Erica Bogosian performed and represented Doreen’s Dance Studio.

The all girl a capella group Les Belles Bleu performed at the Johnson house. This is the second year the group has performed for the Prom Plus Tour delighting audiences.

And we can’t say enough about the CVHS jazz band. They were absolutely amazing as they played in the rain – yes the rain – at the Johnson house. They didn’t miss a beat.

Thank you, thank you.

Aimee Yeghianyan and

Molly Shelton


I found the story on page 5 of the Crescenta Valley Weekly (“Holy Redeemer and St. James schools combining to survive,” Dec. 17) inappropriately placed. It should have been on the editorial page signed by Nigel Burns. This was not balanced reporting as it only offered the complaints of one misinformed parent. There were no other views offered. As a reader, I found it incredulous that an “active involved parent” was not aware of the situation at the schools. My children went to St. James many years ago when enrollment was high. I can not claim to have been an “active involved parent,” but feel I am capable of simple math: i.e., six students enrolled in the first grade class = problem $. Mr. Burns is acting like this decision is a capricious whim of Father Dover’s and that doesn’t seem very intelligent.

Jean Lomasto

La Crescenta


During the winter break families can slow down a little. There are no rehearsals or practices to drive their children to and time to enjoy a bit of a reprieve from the early morning rush out the door to school. It can also be a time to sit down and talk to your children.

Our lives are so busy and at times stressful with work, bills and life in general but our kids have stress too. There is homework, class work and college prep. There is also that omni-presence of peer judging and pressure.

Try making time to have a family dinner or turn off the television for just a few minutes and ask your child about their life. Don’t judge or scold or lecture, just listen. You may be amazed at how open and honest they are.

It doesn’t have to be an inquisition about drug, alcohol or sex. It can just be a discussion of homework, classes and teachers. Find out what movie they like, if they have read any new books or if they have any new friends.

The point is to let them know that you are there, you are listening not lecturing and that you have their back. This would be a great time to let them know that if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation with friends they can call you for help. Have a word or phrase that is their fail safe to let you know they need help.

This suggestion works both ways. Kids should take time to talk to their parents. Tuning them out is a common practice but step beyond the common and just talk to them.

The holidays are about family and being with one another. Take the time to talk, to get to know your child a little better and to let them know you want to keep them safe.

Happy Holidays,

The Executive Board of the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Council

Thanks to a special

Boy Scout pack

The seniors of Twin Oaks want to thank Boy Scout Pack #302 for a wonderful evening of delicious food and entertainment.

What a happy occasion, with fabulous ethnic dishes supplied by the moms and dads. And we enjoyed the dessert and special gifts. The boys did a great job of painting the jelly jars filled with all kinds of good candies.

We definitely enjoyed their singing Christmas Carols, and some of we ‘oldies’ even joined in.

Thank you again for a great evening of food and entertainment.

To the parents, we truly thank you for all of your hard work and truly appreciate what you do for our La Crescenta youth.

A Merry Christmas to all of you from the seniors of Twin Oaks.

Yolanda Baumberger, manager

Twin Oaks Senior Apts.


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