A Christmas time rhyme

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Twas the day before Christmas, and all through the Valley

Newspapers were tossed upon driveways and alleys.

The locals were frantically trying to wrap up

Their shopping by looking for deals they could snap up.

But before the big day is upon us at last,

Let’s take a quick look at the year that has past.

So with heartfelt apologies to ol’ Clement Moore

And Dr. Suess, too, here we go through the door.

The fires of last summer were like a blast furnace

And we in the hills prayed the flames wouldn’t burn us.

For days upon days and night after night

Those heroes in yellow would fight and would fight.

And then it was over, the smoke blew away

The hillsides were charred ugly black, brown and gray.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But our homes and our neighborhoods, now in the clear.

But as soon as the danger of wildfires was past,

Another appeared, and this one would last.

For now when the rain clouds appear overhead

Our flower beds start sprouting sandbags instead.

With K-rails now placed by the curb sides with care

To guard against mud slides that soon will be there.

And folks don their slickers with shovels at ready

To protect against floods if the rainfall is steady.

Cash-for-Klunkers drove in with a screech and a honk

To “stimulate growth” said political wonks.

The reality is that the plan was all wet

We have too few used cars now and too much new debt.

The Swine Flu hit town with a buzz that was huge

You could not escape the media deluge.

They told us and told us, then told us again

We should all get our shots just as soon as we can.

Every guy, every girl, every kidlet in town

Should rush to the clinics where vaccines abound.

Except they were scarce – so lists were made up

If you weren’t on one, well, too bad and tough luck.

Foothill is changing, it’s a sight to be seen.

Almost done are the library and big new Walgreens.

There’s signage in every language on earth

My name’s on a bank now, whatever that’s worth.

Our freeway on ramps all have pretty new lights.

I wonder how long ‘til they cause a big fight.

But with all of the people who text, talk and drive

Just stay off the streets if you want to survive.

And last but not least, we got a new paper!

To report on the news and the movers and shakers.

We love filling these pages with a real local view

From what we’ve been hearing, you’re liking it too.

What a year it has been, but I’m glad that it’s over.

May two-thousand-and-ten have less thorns and more clover.

Here’s hoping the next year turns things right around

And at least a few times I will see you ‘round town.

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