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Clarification Required


In the Dec. 4 Viewpoints article by Sharon Weisman [News from the CVCA], Ms. Weisman did an outstanding job of presenting the history and concerns related to the proposed 710 extension. She acknowledged that Glendale joined four other cities in efforts to oppose the 710 extension and to prepare a coordinated response to the DEIR.

However, in reporting the actions of the Glendale City Council at their Nov. 4 meeting she made some statements that were misleading. The statements led readers to believe that I am not opposed to the 710 extension when, in fact, I am opposed.

The specific statements were: (1) “Support for this effort was on the Nov. 4 Glendale City Council agenda.” This item was not on the agenda since the “support for this effort” along with $50,000 was pledged a number of years ago. An “update” to the previously approved “support” was on the agenda for which I voted to receive and file. Nothing was changed and the support continued.

(2) “There was a motion to direct staff to work with the consultants to prepare for the DEIR response.” No such motion was made. Based on Council’s previous action to support the opposition, staff was already directed to work with consultants.

(3) “Despite pledging support for the Stop 710 effort during their respective campaigns, Mayor Sinanyan abstained and Councilmember Devine joined Councilmember Weaver in voting no” (on the above motion #2). I could not have voted no on this motion since the motion was never made.

What I did vote no on, at the time, was a motion to “expand” our support for the opposition to a proactive advocacy position which we were told would have cost the city up to $250,000, in addition to the already pledged $50,000. We were also told that there was doubt about the commitment of the other member cities. While I certainly support expanding to an advocacy role, I did not feel it would have been fiscally responsible to spend that amount of money without finding out if there were other ways to accomplish this at a lesser cost.

I subsequently learned there are other ways to expand into an advocacy position without the high cost to the city. At the Dec. 9 council meeting, I brought up the issue and, as a result, this item will be reconsidered and I will be in support.

I believe it was unfair that the article created a perception using misleading information that I do not “act in my constituents’ best interests.” I can assure you that I am opposed to the 710 extension and that my words and actions will continue to prove this.

Paula Devine, member

Glendale City Council

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