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Requests Promise be Kept

I would like to clarify my position regarding Rockhaven. My first understanding of the Rockhaven situation occurred when I attended the meeting at the La Crescenta Library recently. At that time I had not visited the actual site; I’d only seen it from the street.

I’ve since had a tour and learned much more about Rockhaven’s history. And while I still appreciate the idea of a mental health facility that serves as a “prop up” for folks needing that, I now feel that the city of Glendale should move forward immediately to keep the promise of creating a public park space on the Rockhaven property. This property is a wonderful, soothing, oasis of calm and beauty, and would best serve the whole community by being open to all residents and visitors while being maintained by the city (as it is now).

So please, to all the powers that be in our Glendale government concerning Rockhaven, let’s have the promised park and reap all the benefits that a public park offers.

Karen Franchot

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