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On Friday afternoon Nov. 8, I met with a member from the L.A. County Parks Dept. in front of the new war memorial in Two Strike Park.

As we were talking about the Veterans Day service, we noticed that someone had scratched three of the bronze name plaques. I have a very hard time trying to imagine anyone deliberately doing this act. It has been reported to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept.

What kind of a person would deface the name of someone that gave his life for this great nation? This memorial took six long years and hundreds of hours in fundraising and building and for some lame brain to come along and damage it is beyond anything I can comprehend.

Our young kids, teenagers and some adults need to start thinking about others and what is going on around them and not just about themselves.

It would be nice if anyone [who] saw or knows anything about this would come forward with the information.

Thank you,

Roy Allmon, member
VFW & American Legion

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