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Found Some Inspiration
Born, raised and still living in Glendale and La Crescenta, I graduated from CV a little before Jim Chase in 1971. While there are some differences in our life experiences and philosophy, many overlap. Whether it be backpacking, baccalaureate, conservative politics, faith, family traditions, or the myriad of things to wonder (or sometimes rant) about in our community/state/world – I usually find myself in agreement and appreciating the way he expresses it.

A few months ago, I wrote to co-workers and friends my desire to climb the top of Mt. Whitney someday before I’m too old. When I read of his experience (oh … so close), it has encouraged my to seriously pursue that goal soon.

So, know that the Viewpoints page of the CV Weekly is my favorite (yes, I like Mike [Lawler’s] column, too), though the entire paper (thanks to Robin [Goldsworthy] and Mary [O’Keefe]) is enjoyed each week.

Jim, keep writing and maybe I’ll see you around town sometime.
Tom Lusby
La Crescenta

Plastic Rant
So the Glendale City Council wants to get rid of all plastic bags from any retailer [“Possible Plastic Bag Ban Proposed,” Oct. 27]. Are we supposed to carry our vegetables and fruits in the same bags we use to carry weed killer, paint, oil, brake cleaner, automotive chemicals, fast food and take out? Does not seem healthy to me. It seems that we would all need dedicated bags kept in separate bins to prevent cross contamination in our cars. I do not plan on doing that.

I am going to buy the largest box of extra strength 13-gallon trash bags I can find and put it in my car. I will still use my reusable grocery bags for that and nothing more. For the rest, I will just pull out a plastic bag and use it. If it is convenient, I will reuse the plastic bag to clean up the cat box. Seems like a fitting use.

Is Glendale going to include the small plastic bags in the fruits and vegetables section that we put apples, potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc. in? What then? Can you imagine the produce rolling around in the carts and bags and getting more dirty and bruised? How about the plastic bags in the meat department? We use those so that meat juices do not get all over our other groceries. Will they go away as well?

For my car parts, oils and chemicals, I will get them in Pasadena where they still have plastic bags available. I already go to TJ’s in La Cañada to get my Joe’s O’s in paper bags so I will have something to dump my shredders into.  Put one bag over the shredder, turn it upside down, remove basket. Now all of the shredding is in a bag and not on the floor. Put a second paper bag over that and you now have recyclable paper that will not blow all over the neighborhood when the truck picks up the bin.

I want to thank the Glendale City Council for giving me another reason to spend my money outside of their city. I am thankful that I live in the L.A. County portion of La Crescenta where as little of my money as possible goes to Glendale.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta

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