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Happy Halloween!
I read an article about how adults have taken over Halloween, turning costumes of their youth into sexier, grown-up versions to the detriment of parents who want their kids to be kids. When I follow all the movement on marijuana, I make the leap that grown-ups are taking over something too from their youth into adulthood also to the detriment of kids whose brains aren’t developed, and who should not smoke pot. In the news:

A Gallup poll found 58% of Americans favor legalization, a 10% increase from last year.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Californians support legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana in the state, while 32% oppose and 3% are undecided according to a Tulchin Research poll. This is up from 53% of voters who opposed legalization in 2010.

In addition, two measures are under review and, if they are approved, you’ll see signature gatherers asking you to help put the “Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act of 2014” and the “California Cannabis Hemp Initiative” on the 2014 ballot. The first would legalize marijuana for adults 21 and older for any reason; the second would also legalize use for adults and addresses genetically modified seeds according to

Finally, California’s Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will convene a panel of 16 experts to craft a proposal for the November 2016 ballot. The focus will be a “strict taxation and regulation system that will enable California to benefit from billions of dollars of new revenue while ensuring safe communities and protecting against underage use,” according to an ACLU press release.

Note: none of the proposals I find make recreational marijuana use legal for people under the age of 21.

We will host a community forum to discuss medical marijuana dispensaries surrounding our community and their impact on underage use. And please join us at our Adventures in Parenting sessions on Tuesdays from 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. upstairs at the Y at 1930 Foothill Blvd. in La Cañada. They run until Nov. 19.

Thank you for your support!

Suzy Jacobs is the CVDAPC executive director. You can reach her at

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