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Rejects ‘Evenings’ Program
It seems that the Glendale Community Development Dept. is [dipped] in beer and wine before even issuing a beer and wine permit to Starbucks (at Honolulu and Ocean View). Have you seen the sign they hung on Starbucks – they can’t even spell!

Montrose stopped the Honolulu and Ocean View crosswalk dilemma. Do they have the courage as Burbank did to stand up and just say no to Starbucks? For Starbucks to serve beer and wine would only add to the destructive force that has taken over Montrose.

I can see the guy filled with beer getting in his car parked in front, starting down Honolulu and hitting a jaywalker. Montrose can’t even get a cop to write tickets all day long for U-turns, jaywalkers, skateboarders and cigarette smokers.

This is your community. Once again, are you going to let Glendale give the green light to something you don’t want or will you pick up the phone and dial (818) 937-8181 and emphatically say “no!”

Time is of the essence.

Pat Kerr
Editor’s note: A public meeting regarding the possible introduction of the Starbucks Evenings program at Honolulu and Ocean View is being held on Thursday, Nov. 5 at the Montrose Shopping Park Assn. monthly meeting at 8 a.m. at the PDC, 2340 Honolulu Ave.

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