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In April 2009 Crescenta Valley High School implemented a voluntary drug-testing program. I would like to encourage every CVHS family to participate in this program.  Drug use and abuse is in every community and our small corner of the world is no exception. Some parents may believe their kids are not participating or a little experimentation is normal. But when is that line crossed and results in a tragic event? In fact, over the past several years our community has experienced some very horrific events from the death of local teenagers, to heroin and meth use and everything in between. The drug-testing program is another tool to help families and the community combat this ever-growing problem.
Peer pressure is a huge influence and temptation is all around. Your teen may not be participating but associates and friends may be. What may start as an occasional beer or smoking a joint at a party can easily become a chronic problem or lead to stronger drugs. We need to give our teens another option to say no. If your teen feels you don’t trust them, talk with them and let them know this is a safety issue and you feel it is important to support the school. This is a confidential program that CVHS facilitates only. The outsourced company provides the testing and communicates directly with the families only. The more families that sign up, the more accepting teens will be and not feel singled out. There is safety in numbers (for teens as well as parents).
Drug awareness and prevention is a shared responsibility between all aspects of the community. CVHS recognized there was an emerging problem in our area and looked for an innovative way to make a difference. In light of budget and program cuts facing cities and school districts everywhere, GUSD showed its concern and commitment to the area by offering this service. It is a gift to the parents and incumbent among us all to show the same level of importance and support this program. Right now 19% of families have signed up. To the 81% of families that did not return a form or chose not to participate, please reconsider. It is not too late to participate. Call CVHS and ask for another enrollment form. If you and/or your teen are hesitant to participate, be honest about why and discuss your concerns with a trusted family friend, another parent, church leader, school official or law enforcement and see if another perspective can alleviate any concerns. The problems facing our area are real and this is an important issue that affects all of us in the community directly or indirectly.
Susan Dubin
La Crescenta
Editor’s note: Susan Dubin is a founding member of the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition.

Dear La Crescenta/Montrose residents:
I first decided to run for a position on the Crescenta Valley Town Council because someone asked me. My youngest child was becoming old enough so I that I could devote more of my time towards community involvement.
There are many options for volunteer service in our community, but I chose the Town Council simply because someone asked me. I’m glad that I did.
I have enjoyed serving these last seven years on the Town Council. I have had the privilege of serving under four hard working presidents (Sharon Hales, Grace Andrus, Steve Pierce, and Cheryl Davis). I can also say that during this time I have personally witnessed my fellow Council members (both past and present) devote hours upon hours of selfless service to our community.
There are many reasons why the community of La Crescenta/Montrose is such a sought after and desirable place to live, and the Crescenta Valley Town Council working with other community volunteer organizations towards the betterment of our community is one of those reasons.
So I’m asking you! Do you have the desire for community involvement? Do you want to feel that you are accomplishing things for your community in a positive,  fulfilling and rewarding way? If so, please consider running for a position on the Crescenta Valley Town Council. You will be glad that you did.
Robert Thomas
CV Town Council Member
La Crescenta

Democrats from the president down reject the patriotic voices of Tea Party activists – at their own peril. Incredibly, 70% of Americans support the key issues that Tea Party folks advocate: smaller, less-intrusive government, dramatically reduced spending and a rational approach to dealing with America’s enemies.
Given the democrat party’s proclivity for governing against the will of we the people, it is predictable. They never learned that extremism in defense of bad political ends is something we left to Europeans 234 years ago.
We are witnessing a major historical event as the Nov. 2 midterm election nears. While California appears to be stuck in the “We can only elect moderate Republicans” syndrome, the rest of America has decided to pursue a political renaissance spearheaded by the Tea Party movement.
Several sitting US senators, for example, have been defeated in Republican primaries, and will likely be replaced by the strong constitutional conservatives who vanquished them.
There’s something in the air that I recognize from my 1960s college days. The ascendance of the conservative movement shifted into high gear with the emergence of Barry Goldwater. I recently reread Goldwater’s book, “Conscience of a Conservative.” I found that his three key issues were: government is too big and constantly infringes on state’s rights, government spending is much too high, and the US has a no-win policy with our enemies. Sound familiar?
While Goldwater lost the 1964 election in a landslide, the generation of young patriots he inspired persisted. In 1980 we elected President Ronald Reagan who validated the wisdom of keeping taxes low and brought down the Soviet Union. In 1994, Republicans gained control of the House and Senate and balanced the budget. In 2000, we elected a Republican president who had a Republican House and Senate.
Sadly, rejecting their conservative roots, these Republicans-in-name-only frittered it all away. Their failure helped elect the worst president in America’s history, which has energized a new generation of patriots. Thanks to the Tea Party movement, his regime will suffer a huge setback on Nov. 2. Americans just might proclaim that, “In your heart, you know they’re right!”
David Wilcox
La Cañada

Another election season is upon us along with the normal deluge of campaign “info.” But if you look at the ballot almost half the races are for judges. Where do you go to find out about these folks? I turn to two websites. First is, which is a nonpartisan site set up by the League of Women Voters. Put in your address and zip code and there is info about the judge’s races in addition to all the other races. Another site is run by the Los Angeles County Bar Association at This site gives you info on how the Bar Association rates each judge according to its system: “exceptionally well qualified,” “well qualified,” “qualified” and “not qualified.”
It is important to look at these races. I’ve seen some downright weird folks running for judge. It is everyone’s responsibility to be an educated and informed voter. The information is out there.
Tim S. Jones
La Crescenta

I just returned from vacation and finally caught up on reading my CV
Weeklys to get all the local news I missed while we were gone. I loved
Mary’s [Dawson] Sept. 30 column on Holiday Hats & Gowns. However, no mention was made of the terrific fashion shows that Lilian and Karla have produced for many of the local organizations during the past and present years. Our Glendale College Patrons’ Club fundraisers would not be complete without their elegant fashions for our models to wear. Everyone looks forward to what the new and upcoming styles will be. (As an aside neither of these gracious ladies are prone to “toot their own horn” as the saying goes so cannot fault Mary for not including it in another of her great her articles).
Karen Wharton
La Crescenta

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