Encourages Congressman’s Nomination of Pope Francis

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After a week of Pope Francis, I feel a letdown that he has flown away but so grateful that he came to inspire us.

I would love to encourage Congressman Adam Schiff to nominate Pope Francis for the Nobel Peace Prize. Rep. Schiff plans to ask the Nobel Committee to consider Pope Francis for the Nobel Peace Prize. The letter commends the Pope’s unwavering commitment to peace and the use of diplomacy between nations to settle disputes. It also applauds his powerful advocacy on the issues of climate change and his brave recognition and condemnation of genocides both past and present. Earlier this year, the Pope called for recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

While the Congressman is not a Catholic, he finds the Holy Father so extraordinary.

“Pope Francis truly talks to the entire world community – not just his flock – exhorting all to treat each other as brothers and sisters, rather than separate and distinct communities with interests that don’t transcend our differences.”

Danette Erickson

La Crescenta

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