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Ponders 9/12/2114
Nine-twelve-fourteen! How nice that someone noticed the convergence of our zip code with the date … and that the day was given to recognize the many great advantages of our community.

This won’t happen again for another hundred years, 9/12/2114. What will La Crescenta be like then? Will the Woman’s Club, which recently celebrated 100 years, be celebrating 200 years? St. Luke’s of the Mountain is not quite that old, but it should still be here. Will our descendants remember the terrible flood of 1934? Will our mountains be covered with trees by then or will they have burned again – and how close to our homes?

The American Legion and VFW – wouldn’t it be nice if, in 100 years, there were no veterans from recent wars to man (and woman) such an organization? And may there be no more names added to the Two Strike Memorial.

Our beautiful new library will be old stuff by then. How quaint! Will Glendale have decided what to do with Rockhaven? Will Rosemont Preserve still be preserved?

The Big One must certainly have happened within this time frame. How will that reconfigure our Valley? The mountain on which we rest could be taller!

Even the 91214 zip code will probably no longer exist. United States Postal Service? What was that?

Those before us, and many here now, have done a wonderful job of making our community the great one it is today. Let’s keep up the good work!
Esther Norbut
La Crescenta

Had Fun on 9/12/14
My house was one of the destinations on the All Things La Crescenta tour on Friday 9/12/14. I must tell you how good I felt about all the fine La Crescentans who dropped by. It is refreshing to know that there are so many very pleasant people in our community who care!

Thanks for organizing this event.
Dianne Thompson
La Crescenta
Editor’s note: Dianne’s home was the historic stone house on Los Amigos.

Proudly Displays the Flag
Thank you [to Louis M. Sever III, owner of LMS Electric] for erecting and flying the large American flag in front of your business [on Foothill Boulevard]. Your extended efforts compliment La Crescenta and our nation. Furthermore, you are helping to spirit a much needed renewing of patriotism.

The flag dominates Foothill Boulevard and generates deep seeded patriotism whether hanging in an “at rest” position with no wind or in full-blown glory under a supporting stiff breeze. I captured a photo as you finished installing the flag and posted it at half-mast on Sept. 11, 2014.
Phil Downs, President
Republican Club of the Foothills

An Open Letter to Assemblyman Mike Gatto
We recently received a notification from the L.A. County Registrar of Voters that we must vote by mail during the upcoming November election. The rationale, according to the notification, is that our precinct has under 250 voters and therefore we must vote by mail. Apparently this is state law, but we sure don’t remember voting for it. We really want to know who draws the precinct lines and why it isn’t possible for our precinct to be folded in with another precinct for voting purposes.

Going to the polls in person is something that we value highly and we proudly wear the “I voted” stickers. We really hate being relegated to a political trash bin that says our right to vote at the polls is trumped by some idiotic precinct size rule. Since our ballots must be received by the Registrar of Voters no later than 8 p.m. on election night, we are forced to vote early to ensure that we have a vote at all. It seems to us that this just discourages people from voting.

Can you please help us out and find a way for orphan precincts like ours to be included rather than excluded from the voting process?
Greg and Teresa Cook
La Crescenta

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