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Not Keen on User Fee

I am not a resident, but read the letter by Mike Mohill regarding Shared Cost and wanted to comment [Letters to the Editor, Sept. 15].

Why should bicyclists pay a city users’ fee when autos do not pay any city fee? Bicycles have a “right of way” on the streets just like cars, do not pollute, do not damage the roadway, and yes, the streets were painted, along with other street painting. To compare bicycles to pets is ridiculous – as far as I know, being behind a bicyclist does not require a pooper-scooper! The bicyclist is doing the “right” thing; why penalize them?

Alan Shaw

Keep Lunches & Minds Open

It seems like just a few years ago that closing the CVHS campus at lunchtimes was mooted by the GUSD board, and discarded. I’m writing because I’m a CV parent and I’d prefer to see it stay open. No low level of tardies or poor behavior is going to be acceptable, but parents, the school, and the board should cooperate to find opportunities to teach good behaviors along with academics, instead of punting the problem until after 3 p.m., or after 12th grade, and hoping for the best.

But why, with so many worthy issues to write to my local paper about, do I pick this one? Because in the end it seems like the wrong message, for a community of adults to deny a modest privilege, that we ourselves probably enjoyed, to the current crop of teenagers. While other Glendale high schools may have closed campuses I’ll guess that many of us chose to live in La Crescenta because we want to find better solutions for our community.

Ian Harris
La Crescenta

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…

This is what I would like to say to all the people of Crescenta Valley who came out and supported our “Kases for Kids” drive this year. My goal was to collect more than we did last year. Last year’s drive people generously donated 157 cases. This year, more people from the community got involved and we ending up collecting 196 cases along with lots of blankets, toiletries, school supplies, and stuffed animals.

Many different organizations helped out this year: Holy Redeemer Church, Light on the Corner Church, Boy Scout Troop 8, Montrose Candy Company, Flowering Tree, employees of the City of Glendale, North-West College, Crescenta-Cañada YMCA, St. Luke’s Church, Ralph’s Market, Palmdale Lions Club, Montrose Library, CV Weekly, Valley View Vaulters, Citibank, North-West Glendale Lions Club and many more people and groups.

On Oct. 19, Lovette Panthier from County of Los Angeles, Department of Children & Family Services, will be a guest speaker at our club meeting to tell us what happens to all these cases after they get pick up. The public is invited to come and find out along with us.

For more information on what time the Crescenta–Cañada Lions Club meets, please call (818) 248-0478 or email us at

Thank you again for your generous donations and we will be doing this again next year. Start collecting…

Art Rinaman, President
Crescenta-Cañada Lions Club

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