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Hillary versus Security

I believe all professional persons, including heads of corporations, priests, doctors, lawyers and other negotiators who understand the imperative necessity for security and privacy in their fields, are surprised at the excuses Hillary Clinton provides to the American people to justify her complete lack of intelligence and concern for the safety of our people and our country in using a private server for all of her correspondence. This is inexcusable in view of her many years in the U. S. Government. She especially should know better.

The willful attempts to destroy the evidence, even to using a hammer, proves she was aware of the fact that she had to hide what she was doing as the Secretary of State especially when it is for the personal benefit of her family Foundation. To launder the money through Canada for tax evasion also requires very willful planning and actions.

My husband escaped from behind the Iron Curtain. His attempts to become an American citizen were delayed many years due to his escape and the need for American investigation that he was not a Communist.  My sister worked for the Immigration Office and told me that he had a thick file. I asked about the contents and my sister advised me that she could not disclose what was in that file for security reasons. Later when the Freedom of Information Act was passed she told me now we could request to see the file.

I worked for the Treasury Department and was in contact with many celebrities. When someone approached my desk I covered my work and at night we put our cases in locked files. All this for privacy and security reasons.

I was on jury duty seven times. Each time we were instructed frequently during the trial that we could not discuss the case among ourselves or to anyone else. That is security.

Yet, we had a Secretary of State who had such contempt and disregard for the intellect and safety of the American people and was extremely careless about the protection of the United States of America. She thinks we do not know any better and that we believe her lame excuses and lapse of memory. Now she wants to preside over us.

God Help America.

Ang Vukos  

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  1. Jim Lumsden says:

    Wonderful statement of reality. Not politicized, just the facts. Hope people understand the reality of this and how serious it really is.

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