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Devine and Najarian: Broken Promises
Mayor Paula Devine promised to be a good listener when she ran for [Glendale] City Council. Glendale stakeholders were promised over development would slow down or stop, but instead she has approved a couple of hotels and mega construction projections.
In 2006, the residents of NW Glendale and Rossmoyne were promised the Downtown Specific Plan (DSP) would keep large mega construction projects south of Glenoaks and not in their backyards. Recently, a developer came forward and wanted to build either a large condo or hotel at the corner of Dryden and North Brand Boulevard. Mayor Devine initially led the effort to downzone the area, only to be defeated by the gang of three led by the entrenched Councilman Ara Najarian followed by council members Gharpetian and Sinanyan.
At the June 14, 2016 council meeting I said to councilman Najarian he should recuse himself from voting on the Dryden/Brand property because he recently had rented the former Recess Restaurant space as his campaign headquarters and had developed a relationship with the property owner … even though he denied it.
An investigation further revealed, according to Mr. Najarian’s campaign record, only $1,000 was paid for several months of office space and was below market price. The beauty shop next to the restaurant is currently paying $1,500 monthly for a smaller space.
Isn’t it ironic our senior councilman, Najarian, who wanted to be our next county supervisor and who was involved with the development of the Downtown Specific Plan, now has the audacity to state that the Aloft Hotel location (Dryden/Brand) is an extension of our downtown? Unfortunately, today Mr. Najarian still continues [to] approve mega construction projects outside of the DSP zone.
By approving the Aloft Hotel and [other] mega construction projects outside of the DSP,  Mayor Devine and council members Gharpetian and Sinanyan also believe the DSP is nothing but a fancy piece of paper to be used as tissue paper. All four of council members voted down the environmental impact report (EIR) when the residents of NW Glendale and Rossymone requested the report.
On July 19, 2016: (1) I made the following statements to Mayor Devine: The property owner of the Aloft Hotel was her next door neighbor who bought her former house, which is right next door to her current home. (2) The architect of the Aloft Hotel was also the architect of her current home.
Mayor Devine and councilman Najarian should have recused themselves from voting on any project at the corner of Dryden and North Brand.
Mike Mohill
With Much Gratitude
We would like to thank our many friends and neighbors in the Crescenta Valley for supporting our Veterans 5th Annual Community BINGO Night [on Aug. 19]. More than 300 bingo players showed up and had a noisy, fun-filled, exciting evening. Thanks for coming. We received support from more than 15 local organizations and individuals. Thanks for sponsoring the games.
In the end, it was a very successful evening because of the funds you raised. The funds will go to support veterans and their families and young people in the community who need a hand up from time to time.
In closing, we would like to encourage you to keep serving your friends and neighbors; that’s what makes the Crescenta Valley such a great place to live, work and play.
Andy Gero
Mike Baldwin
Lynn McGinnis
American Legion Post 288

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  1. Paula Devine says:

    Devine and Najarian: Broken Promises
    I wish to thank Mr. Mohill for stating in his Letter to the Editor that I led the effort to “downzone” the area on Brand, north of Glenoaks. For the record, what I actually tried to do was initiate a change in the height district requirements in C3 Zones adjacent to residential areas so that buildings would be limited to 3 or 4 stories, instead of the now permitted 6 story buildings. Although my initial effort was defeated, I am continuing to pursue that goal.
    Unfortunately, my thanks to Mr. Mohill must stop at this point because the remainder of his letter contains untrue and/or misleading statements. For example:
    He stated that I “broke my promise” because I “approved a couple of hotels and mega construction projections” (I believe he meant projects). This is not true.
    During my tenure on Council, with the exception of a new low rise medical building (not a “mega construction project”), all so called “mega projects” that came to Council, including the hotel on Brand at Dryden, had either been “approved” by previous Councils or were permitted “by right” and did not require approval by Council. My votes on these projects concerned only “design review” or “environmental issues”, which did not impact, change or negate the fact that the projects were already “approved” to be built. To the contrary, a review of my record will show that I “kept my promise” to try and slow down development by initiating and approving code changes which removed or reduced incentives that were previously granted to developers.
    In supporting his contention that I should have recused myself from voting on the Aloft Hotel project, he stated that “the property owner of the Aloft Hotel was my next door neighbor who bought my former house”. This is not true.
    The owner of the Aloft Hotel property is not and never has been my next door neighbor and did not buy my former house.
    I must remind Mr. Mohill that not too long ago he publicly apologized to me for making untrue statements regarding my receipt of campaign contributions from unions. It appears that another apology may be due.
    Paula Devine

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