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Chastises Steyer Ad

“CBS News, Sunday Morning” has been sponsored lately by a political advertisement paid for and featuring billionaire Tom Steyer. In the ad Steyer claims that oil companies have caused one million children to have asthma. This is the most blatant propaganda for the current “Democratic Socialist” movement.

In California, oil companies get millions of us to work or school or shopping every day. Oil companies employ thousands and create income for truckers, fuel station franchises and, by the way, Tom, oil companies provide fuel for the billionaires club private aircraft so that you can fly all over California pontificating to the masses about how we should live and how stupid we are. In California, it is safe [to] say oil companies are a major engine of commerce.

According to the California Dept. of Public Health, about 5% of children with current asthma are exposed to secondhand smoke in the home. On average, people with asthma are exposed to two-to-three asthma triggers in the home (e.g., mold, cockroaches, rodents, pets, carpeting, wood burning or gas appliances, and tobacco smoke). As in the general California population, about 40% of people with asthma are renters, which can impact a resident’s ability to reduce exposure to asthma triggers in the home. Although outdoor air pollutants are important asthma triggers; their levels vary widely across the state.

To use children as a scare tactic against such a vital resource of commerce and income is despicable. I have not heard Steyer offer to buy electric cars or even golf carts to replace the minivans and SUVs millions of moms drive their kids to school in. His ads do not mention a rational alternative to hydrocarbon fuels. But we can do due diligence to see Steyer is part of the self-righteous elitist set of Crony Capitalists, sitting in his ivory tower, funding the slow steady defeat of the free market and American liberty.

Michael Powers
La Crescenta

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