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Reflections by College Bound CVer Part II
Now that I’m back from my last beach trip for a while, I am ready to write the final goodbye letter.

First, thank you to the Leum family for letting my little sister and I stay with them at the beach and for teaching us both how to surf. I am not nearly as good as [sister] Jessy, but now I can move to Pennsylvania feeling like a true California girl. I can’t find strong enough words to express my gratitude for the best weekend I’ve had all summer and the support you have given me over the last year. You are an amazing family and I will miss you all.

Second, thank you to my dad who has been my number one fan and supporter since I was born. He is always there with some kind of political discussion to make sure I am paying attention to current events and not just listening for the latest gossip. He can always make me smile and, believe it or not, I think I might actually miss his lame “dad humor” while I am away. Thank you, Daddy, for being there. Love, BBQ girl.

Third, Robin Goldsworthy. You are the happiest, wildest, most fun woman I have ever met. You almost always have a smile on your face, and even when you aren’t smiling, you never really seem upset. You always know the right thing to say at the right time and have given me some of the best advice I have ever received. Whether we are volunteering for Prom Plus, working on the paper, or having a family barbecue, you are always a joy to be around. I will miss you a ridiculous amount when I move away, but you can be sure that I will be updating you with all of the happenings of the campus just like I’m sure you and this newspaper will be updating me with what’s new in the town.

Last but definitely not least, my mama (Mary O’Keefe):

In these last few years, you and I have grown so close that I can’t imagine my life without you being there everyday. From waking me up in the morning with Starbucks at the ready to leaving notes in my lunches for some mid-day encouragement, you have always been there for me like no one else and I am honestly going to be lost without you. I’m not sure what I will do when I forget my homework and I can’t call you to drop it by. Or when I get a bad grade on a test and you show up with In-N-Out and a new pair of shoes because you know how badly I feel. Although I don’t want to leave you, I am excited to see what our mother-daughter relationship will be when I get back. Have fun with Prom Plus and the paper, but remember to be a person, too. I know Robin (and the rest of the community) will help you stay calm. Between the amount of lives that you’ve touched and the amount that you will continue to affect, even in my nerdiest of moments I would not be able to count them all. Thank you for being my inspiration, my hero and my best friend. I love you and I’ll see you at Christmas.

I can hear the music playing me off now, but thank you Crescenta Valley one last time for all of the support.

I will see you all in four years!

Molly Shelton
La Crescenta

To Care Or Not To Care
After leaving the 210 Freeway, I drove down La Crescenta Avenue on my way home. Passing our neighborhood 7-Eleven store, I was frankly disappointed to see cups sitting on the ground in the parking lot and a trashcan six feet away not being used. What has happened to self-pride?

Watching the Olympics certainly showed a pride in one’s country and a universal sense that humanity certainly was in check. But seeing the disrespect for an owner’s property was actually hurtful. I was taught early on that respect and pride go hand and hand. I would like to challenge the young to pay it forward (if you haven’t seen the movie “Pay It Forward” do so). The idea to do right is so strong and self-rewarding that it pays to push the idea.

I walked into the store, informed them that the cups were sitting in the lot and helped resolve the situation. I wish that these incidents were more seldom seen, but leaving a movie I see trash on the floors and drinks and popcorn buckets left for someone else to throw away … as if the ticket prices make it okay to leave your trash behind.

So I challenge the young and old: Make a greater effort to be mindful of others and their property. Be a good citizen. Be proactive in cleaning up a mess.

Leonard Coutin

Info on Military Recruiters and NCLB Act
As a new school year starts, I want to remind parents that the No Child Left Behind Act requires schools that receive public funding to send contact information for students 16 years and older to military recruiters. If you do not want your children contacted by military recruiters you can opt out of the program. Look for the form in the materials sent from the schools.

Sharon Weisman
La Crescenta

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