Expectations from CV
Town Council

I get asked the same three questions about CV Town Council: What is it? What do we do? Why be a Councilmember?
CVTC is 12 elected members that volunteered to be the voice of the community. Every year, six positions become available. Is it your turn?
The Council is confronted with many issues, good and bad. Currently, some wonder why Council did not question the new development on Foothill near Rosemont. New construction projects are not brought in front of Council unless they require a variance or conditional use permit. This project required neither. When a variance or CUP is required, Council will bring it to the community’s attention. Council doesn’t seek out every new building project to re-verify if it meets code or the Foothill CSD. This is the responsibility of LA County Planning and project architect.
Council is responsible for communicating concerns to appropriate entities as well as help change or enhance items immediately affecting your community. The La Crescenta Library, bike lanes, Foothill CSD, public works mudslide updates, constant Station Fire information, CV Council website, improved pedestrian safety, crosswalks, speed signs, Dog Park and military banners are just a few examples.
As hard as Council works it doesn’t mean we have the skill set to deal with every situation. Perhaps you have a particular skill set that would enhance the Council. Or, maybe you feel you can do a better job representing the voice of the community.
Now is your chance to run for Council. Applications are available at

Robbyn Battles
Corresponding Secretary

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  1. krista   August 23, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Good job!!
    Hopefully I get a lot of people running this year that are enthusiastic when.

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