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Chemtrail Alert

[On Aug. 1], when I woke up and saw the weather outside of my La Cañada home, it looked like it was about to rain. I can’t ever remember weather like this at this time of year. Almost daily you see articles in the news or in magazines about the subject of “climate change” and global warming.

I recall reading something in [CV Weekly’s] letters to the editor column awhile back regarding the subject of chemtrails, which is also called “geoengineering.” I too have observed the strange criss-cross patterns in the sky and the unnatural cloudy haze that expands from the trails laid by these planes. I was prompted to do some research and am appalled at the gumption that our government has to be running such an overt (yet covert at the same time) aerial spraying program without the public’s knowledge or consent. Look in the sky, people!

There is an Internet site called geoengineering watch that has much factual information of the subject. Many other sites are out there as well. Do the research.

The contents of the spray include heavy metals such as aluminum, barium and numerous other toxic substances that we are all “forced” to breathe. This includes my children and my grandchildren. I fear for their safety as well as my own.

This program is creating some devastating effects worldwide. It is also causing droughts around the planet, poisoning of the water (not to mention the air) and is even changing the pH of our soil. We are being lied to about global warming; my scientific background convinces me of this.

I think it’s time we speak up and take action. We owe it to our kids … and grandkids.

Derrik Sealander
La Canada Flintridge

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