City Hopes to Continue GTV6 Broadcasting
As you may have read, the court has sided with Charter Communications over the debate involving the use of a fiber optic network and the use of public, education and government television fees. Although [the Glendale City Council] respectfully disagrees with the court’s findings, I wanted to assure the citizens of Glendale that the city council will find a way to continue bringing the Emmy Award-winning GTV6 television into your homes via Charter Communications cable service, AT&T U-verse or Live Stream through our city web page. At this point, the decision going forward will rest upon the city’s ability to negotiate a fair and affordable price to broadcast over the Charter network.

GTV6 cablecasts approximately 30 meetings a month including City Council, Civil Service Commission, Commission on the Status of Women, Glendale Water and Power Commission and the Planning Commission, to name a few. Programming that provides education, awareness and a balanced view on the challenges and issues that face the community is regularly aired.     Our GTV6 mission is as follows:

• Serves as an impartial, objective, noncommercial, community resource by providing timely news and information and access opportunities for programs, activities and legislation of local government.

• Offers programs that provide education, awareness and balanced discussion of the challenges and issues that face the community and communicate in multi-languages on topics to target audiences.

• Produces video communication and bulletin boards which support the goals and objectives of the government organizations and those service organizations in association with the City of Glendale.

As the mayor of Glendale, I would like our residents and the business community to know that we will continue to provide the best possible service in communications to ensure that you are informed on the issues the city faces on a day-to-day basis.

To see a listing of GTV6 programming, please go to www.ci.glendale.ca.us/gtv6.

Frank Quintero

Spirit is Willing, Facts are Weak
Much as I appreciate Debi Devens’ activist spirit, I disagree with most of her allegations (“Not a Schulze Fan,” Aug. 2).

In her sarcasm about Mr. Schulze’s original letter defending Planned Parenthood, she fails to mention that his points are factual. I too hardly know where to start with her letter.

$7 for “the pill” for a month is an amount many women cannot afford, hard as that is to recognize here in our affluent community. Planned Parenthood serves women and their families who do not have enough income or insurance to cover private doctors. This means they need to locate in areas where low-income African-Americans and Latinos live, but of course whites are there as well. Most poor people in the U.S. (and using Planned Parenthood facilities) are white, which is more apparent outside the large urban population centers.

Non-inflammatory language about abortion is characterized by terms which are more biologically accurate than “babies”: zygote, blastocyst, embryo, and fetus.

Yes, racism is common in U.S. history, and the struggle for women’s right to birth control is no exception, but for every Margaret Sanger there is an Emma Goldman, Sanger’s mentor.

I know that no woman anywhere ever wants to have an abortion, and an act of complete necessity can also be one causing great regret. Making access to birth control difficult increases abortions.

I oppose my tax dollars being spent on weapons, non-defensive wars and military occupations. I am totally okay with the government grants and contracts Planned Parenthood uses for family planning, health screenings, pregnancy tests, counseling, and yes, abortions, which are 3% of their services.

Roberta Medford

Gun Use in the Right – and Wrong – Hands
Now that things have calmed down a bit, let me just say a few things about the evil weapons used at the [Aurora, Colo.] theater.

Consider the overall ownership of firearms and the percentage of illegal use. There are millions of firearms owners and I do not know how many are NRA members. I cannot remember the last time an NRA member shot up anything but a good score on a paper target. I am sure at least one of you has Lexus Nexus. Check the FBI national statistics for crimes in the states that will issue concealed carry permits and those that do not.

Even finer, check the counties in California where the local law enforcement issues [concealed carry permits] and the counties that do not. In El Dorado, Bakersfield, Fresno Counties, to name a few, a permit will be issued if a person fits the requirements. In L.A. County, you better be Tom Cruise or Rosie O’Donnell.

The bad guys seeing people walking down the streets in El Dorado County are never sure if they can defend themselves or not. In L.A. County, with the exception of the very rare off-duty officer, the gang bangers know for sure that mom and pop are cannon fodder. In El Dorado County, the sheriff knows that they may be hours away from where help is needed. In L.A. County it can be 30 minutes or more. I live two blocks from the sheriff’s station. It took the sheriff 30 minutes to respond to a home break-in call early in the morning across the street from my house.

You are always entitled to your opinion. I may agree or not. That is my privilege. I would never say I would discontinue taking the paper because of you expressing your opinion. That is not civilized. Just do not call me names because I have expressed mine.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta

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