Watching Land Use in Crescenta Valley

In 2009, a group of residents and business professionals joined the Glendale Planning Dept. staff and formed the North Glendale Community Plan Advisory Committee. Together the group created the North Glendale Community Plan (NGCP), the first since 1974. The vision as outlined in the plan states: “We value and embrace a rural suburban lifestyle which allows us to live and work close to nature, offers unique and varied neighborhood-based shopping opportunities, quality schools, a variety of recreational opportunities and recognizes our connection to the mountains, neighboring communities, and our history. We seek to protect open space, advocate sustainable and responsible development, preserve and enhance neighborhood character, provide transportation options and balance land uses.”

The comprehensive plan describes our vision for North Glendale including Foothill Boulevard, Verdugo City and Montrose with suggested improvements to streetscape as well as clarification on building heights, setbacks, buffer zones, parking and much more. To date, few elements of the Plan have moved forward due to the sluggish economy and the lack of development in the area.

Recently we have started to see some projects being proposed in the Glendale portion of the Crescenta Valley. As a NGCP committee member, I am cautiously watching these projects to see how the elements of the plan will be implemented. While the 30-unit, three-story condominium complex planned at 4201 Pennsylvania Ave. will measure an allowable 34 feet in height, the mass and scale may overwhelm the single-family residences on Encinal and Altura.  Particular attention must be paid to the transitional space on this project, especially on the west side. There are also three homes proposed for 4021 La Crescenta Ave., at least that that will have a second story. Neighbors have expressed concern about compatibility with the other single story homes in the area and protecting their view.

If you would like more information on the NGCP or any projects being considered in Glendale, be sure to visit the city’s website at http://www.ci.glendale.ca.us.
Susan Bolan
La Crescenta