Where’s Our NEVs?

Of all the ideas to help reduce our dependency on foreign oil, clearly the best is the NEV … Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.

Our cities, towns and villages should be [bustling] with them to run the countless daily errands not requiring a large or specialized vehicle.

If a third or a half or more of our trips could be handled by a NEV think about how much gas we could save.

So if NEVs are such a good idea, why aren’t people rushing to buy them? I think for reasons of image, slow speed, limited range and cost. Overcome these four objections and we would see a renewed interest in NEVs.

So that’s what I have done. I have designed a small, simple inexpensive fun to drive electric vehicle that will get you home no matter how far you travel without having to stop and wait for a recharge.

So, if I can do it, why can’t the NEV manufacturers do it?

NEVs should be on our roadways every day saving us gas.

Stephen Balazs
Panorama City