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Warns of Dangerous Dog
Thursday night (July 26) at about 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., three of our neighbors were out for a walk with their three dogs. Right outside my door on the corner of Henrietta and Ramsdell avenues, a Pit Bull, light brown and about 45 pounds, came out of nowhere and savagely attacked one of their dogs, took her in his mouth and kept shaking her. The people were terrified as were their dogs. Neighbors came spilling out of their homes to see what was happening. One neighbor chased the dog away. The people’s female Pomeranian died the next morning. The Pit Bull broke her ribs and punctured her lings and kidney.

Where is this dog? We’d all like to know. As most of us have dogs up here, we understand the importance of walking them but deserve a safe environment. Yes, we have bears, bobcats, coyotes and mountain lions. We understand we take our chances with them but we shouldn’t have to be afraid of our neighbor’s dogs.

If anyone has any information on this dog, please contact the sheriff. Thank you.

Furious and Afraid,

Kathy Grav
La Crescenta

Not So Trustworthy Anymore
La Crescenta: The Balcony of Southern California. A neat place with that small town appeal where people feel safe and can trust others. A place where you can place an item on the curb with a For Sale sign and know it will remain there till the end of the day if no one was interested. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore.

My grandson placed his golf clubs that he has grown out of on the front curb in front of my home to sell. RAM is the brand of the clubs and they were in a black and orange golf bag and in really good condition. Late afternoon on Saturday, July 14, they were stolen.

I was in my backyard doing some work, I heard car doors slam and the squealing of tires. I ran to my front yard only to see a black compact car speeding away from my curb. A neighbor just arriving home witnessed the whole event. A group of young males pulled up to the curb, threw the clubs in the trunk (including the for sale sign) and sped away.

I am asking anyone that might be reading this who has noticed a set of clubs in their son’s possession that were not there prior to that Saturday to please return them. This request is not only about the money my grandson is missing out on, but more importantly, a plea for honesty. I raised my children to do the right thing, expect the same from my grandchildren and would like the think I can expect that from my community.

Again, if anyone out there has information about these stolen clubs, please contact me.

Tom Darrow
La Crescenta
Editor’s note: Anyone who wants to contact Mr. Darrow can do so by sending an email to or call the CV Weekly office at (818) 248-2740. Information can also be delivered anonymously through CV Weekly.

Not a Schulze Fan
Where do I start with Patrick Schulze’s attack on Jim Chase [Letters, July 26]? Mr. Schulze is quick to defend Planned Parenthood, saying that they are not, mostly, in the business of providing abortions to minors or any other female that comes in their door in any neighborhood, anywhere in this country. Mr. Schulze praises PP because they give out contraceptives, pregnancy tests, counseling and screen for STDs. Bravo on the talking points.

Walmart sells the Pill for $7. Boys and girls can buy and carry their own condoms (which can often be obtained for free from school). We as taxpayers don’t need to provide them. Parents are kept out of the loop when their young daughters are coerced into having abortions by the staff at PP because these “women” are told babies aren’t really babies – they are only tissue, lumps or even nothing. If you don’t believe me, ask the girls or the women who have had abortions and then regret it for the rest of their lives.

Reading Schultz’s words, speaking about depriving “a woman of her liberty” is ridiculous, at best. What about an unborn baby and their right for liberty? Schulze separates Democrats, Hispanics, and Whites, which I can only assume is his attempt to call Jim Chase a racist and bigot. How about this for fact: Planned Parenthood is carefully placed in Black and Latino neighborhoods. PP founder Margaret Sanger, (Pivot of Civilization) said this in her own words about blacks, immigrants and indigents: “… ‘human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ‘spawning… human beings who never should have been born.”  The Democrats are the supporter of this disgusting organization that exterminates mostly Black and Hispanic babies.

In June, an Arizona PP facility was caught on tape assisting with illegal gender assisting abortions. Young girls are dying due to late term abortions. Is this the liberty Schulze speaks about?

Doctors don’t save lives of women by performing abortions. Abortion is being used as “birth control” at PP. If a pregnant woman is murdered, this is considered a double homicide and will be prosecuted. If this same pregnant woman decides to abort her child, this will not be prosecuted.

As of my writing this, there have been 54,534,607 abortions since Roe vs. Wade. One-point-three million babies are killed each year through surgical abortion. This is the insanity of PP. (Statistics provided through by the American Life League website).

Debi Devens
La Crescenta

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  1. TJ says:

    RE: the Proposed 710 Freeway connection

    What if every town had objected to the freeways being built through them? We would have NO FREEWAYS in Los Angeles. So, those of you who oppose the 710 Freeway connection to the 210 are hereby PROHIBITED from driving on any freeway through any other town. You must take the side streets, and while you are sitting there at the lights, think LONG AND HARD about it. Because if you DO drive on the freeways through other people’s towns, you are a Great Big Hypocrite.

  2. Arte O says:

    An impassioned comment on a passionate subject. The controversy of birth control, abortion, and citizen rights is inflamed with sincere conviction and deeply paradoxical arguments. While religious and philosophical beliefs struggle to define and judge these issues the simple truth remains that this is a personal matter that must be addressed by one’s conscience. While some speak of regret that results from taking action others point as convincingly to the regret of having failed to act. This is a matter that must be considered in the absence of politics, polemics, and with empathy for the opposition. In the end forcing either side to accept a mandate for or against is futility.

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