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Confidence Lacking

The details regarding the Rosemont Middle School vehicle incident [‘Crash at Rosemont Middle School,’ July 14] are really very bothersome. The response from our local “finest” certainly does not instill confidence from the community. How in the world could an accident that was heard all over the area, including our home a half mile away, be ignored by those entrusted to secure our safety? (My daughter was awake and heard the collision and wondered why no followup sirens.) While apparently victims of their own making, what justifies the vehicle occupants being left in the “undiscovered” accident for five hours?

It does not matter who is responsible for taking charge of an accident (CHP?), the sheriff’s dept. is responsible to take charge of an incident scene until the formal responsibility is established and negotiated per protocol. What possible justification could our local sheriff’s station give for not responding to and determining what happened to cause local residents to report something amiss?

I’m pretty certain our local sheriff’s station has just set themselves up for another major lawsuit due to its failure to respond, let alone the CHP’s failure to establish a resolution to the report. Regardless of the CHP responding, it is the duty of the sheriff’s station to check out the scene. It is highly likely its knowledgeable personnel would have noticed the school security gate being highly disturbed.

J. Lumsden
La Crescenta

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