Distasteful Billboards Not Appreciated
Billboard companies are at it again … this time it’s Adult Convention ads. What’s next?

During the past few years our community has been subjected to questionable ads for radio stations, television shows and now adult conventions.

Much to his credit, Supervisor Michael Antonovich has always been supportive of our efforts to control what is placed on billboards. But his hands are tied due to 1st Amendment rights which these billboard companies proclaim … a euphemism for “We’ll put up anything as long as we’re paid.”

So I’m asking all residents and our community organizations – the CV Town Council, the CV Chamber & Montrose/Verdugo City Chamber, all our school PTAs, the CV Drug & Alcohol [Prevention] Coalition, the Korean Federation, our Armenian community organizations, Rotary, Kiwanis, etc., etc. – to join efforts in submitting letters to our County Board of Supervisors, our political representatives and especially the billboard companies saying, “No more questionable billboards in our community.”

We do so much good in this community. Now it’s time to take our community back from those who wish to lump us in with every other community they choose to poison.
Steve Pierce
La Crescenta

Property Development Must Be Taken into Account
As a homeowner a few houses from GWP’s New York [Avenue] electrical sub-station property, I was shocked by Councilman Weaver’s statement regarding the approved sale of the sub-station [“Council Approves Altura Avenue Sale,” July 21].

Apparently, Mr. Weaver’s myopic perspective is that he could care less what development occurs on the property as long as the city maximizes its profit from the sale. As Mr. Weaver has framed it, the issue is to obtain the highest bid for the property. Is that really the issue? Can the city really operate solely and strictly to maximize profit without concern for its constituents?

I can assure you that the residents in the immediate area would not welcome a multi-unit development. However, if I understand Mr. Weaver correctly, the concerns of the residents that he took an oath to represent are irrelevant?

I wonder if Mr. Weaver would have the same flippant viewpoint if the sub-station were located a few houses from his home and the purchaser wanted to put multiple units on the lot.
C. Torres
La Crescenta

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