Grateful to Learn about Past and Future
Mike Lawler’s column, “Famous Disney Director’s Home was La Crescenta,” was another example of how fortunate we are to have people passionate about preserving our past with its myriad of interesting people and stories – stories that would otherwise be lost. Thank you, CV Weekly, for sharing our past right alongside the current events, issues and stories of 2014.
Karen Zimmerman
La Crescenta

I see in the latest Then & Now feature (Leisure, July 17) the comment that homes today in the area of where Dr. Briggs’ fountain was located are “conspicuously consuming water in the form of thirsty landscaping, lawns and even modern fountains.”

Homes with actual landscaping and lawns? You mean those green blades of grass and colorful flowers? Well good for those homeowners, their property values, and the view from their neighbors’ homes.

We already have far too many homes in the Crescenta Valley that have front yards full of nothing but dirt and weeds. It is an embarrassment to our local communities and degrading to property values, not to mention being just plain depressing when driving around.

It is important that we not waste water but it is ridiculous to equate responsible watering of a lawn on the “designated” days of the week with wastefulness.

We already have a board chair of the State Water Resources Control Board who says: “I like to say, having a browning lawn and a dirty car is a badge of honor.” Sorry, but we don’t need even more advocacy for brown lawns or yards full of cactus and dirt in our local paper. What we really need are more homeowners that care about curb appeal and fewer that use conservation as a lazy excuse to avoid some basic work in their front yard.
Todd Barry
La Crescenta