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Raves for new library
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with our new La Crescenta Library. Last Saturday, I came to the library to return a book, which they had ordered for me from another library, quite a distance away saving me a long drive. While I was there I briefly stood at the back of a crowd of well over a hundred small children being entertained by a magician in the children’s section. On the way out I stopped into the community room and enjoyed two local jazz guitarists putting on a concert. And I always enjoy the artwork that was built into the facility.
The building is beautiful, and full of natural light. The staff is always friendly and always helpful. If there’s anything bad to be said about it, it would be that it’s TOO popular.
Our new La Crescenta library has fulfilled our dreams of providing a “center” for our community.
Mike Lawler
La Crescenta

Agrees with Chase’s charity take
I love reading Jim Chase’s columns every week in the CV Weekly. I really enjoyed last week’s article re charitable giving at the super market [“Charity begins at the supermarket?,” July 15, My Thoughts Exactly]. I couldn’t agree with him more! I especially dislike those people who sit outside the market and ask for money – doesn’t the store management realize how annoying that is to their customers?
Try shopping at Trader Joe’s – no one there asks for donations and they don’t have in-store banks either!
Jane Campbell
La Crescenta

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