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From the desk of the publisher

by Robin Goldsworthy

This past weekend was sweltering! I don’t look forward to seeing my next electric bill as we had the air on for most of the two days. I even went for a swim in our pool, something I generally don’t do because the water is generally too cold for my liking. But it was really nice – one of those things that when you’re done you say, “I should do that more often!”
I had the chance to say that again Sunday night when Steve and I joined another couple at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank for a performance by the Little River Band.
For those who have never been, the Starlight Bowl is an amphitheatre carved out of the Burbank hillside. Overseen by the City of Burbank Parks and Rec Department, the Starlight Bowl is a friendly, affordable alternative to some of the bigger outdoor venues and is designed in the same manner as the Greek Theatre or Hollywood Bowl. Tickets start at $10 ($6 for seniors and kids) and parking is just $5. You can bring in a reasonably sized cooler with beer and wine and food. However, for those who prefer, the Bowl’s concessionaire – BJ’s – offers salads, sandwiches and beverages.
Having arrived from performing “in a cornfield in Iowa,” the Little River Band was greeted by an enthusiastic audience mostly outfitted in tank tops and cargo shorts. The Starlight Bowl is not a fancy place, but one that offers a relaxed atmosphere, which lends itself to its intimate setting. As the concert got underway, folks found their way to the area just in front of the stage. Daddies were dancing with their little girls and couples were swaying to the music. Though the audience was quite diverse in its make up, from grandparents to little kids, it wasn’t a particularly savvy crowd. I overheard a lady behind me mention the folks in the “mosh pot.”
But the band didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed the casual attitude, too, as vocalist Wayne Nelson joked with the audience of how long it had been since the group enjoyed a top ten hit. But ticketholders were not concerned with that; they were just there to enjoy the tunes that transported them back in time. Songs like “Cool Change,” “Reminiscing” and “Happy Anniversary” had everyone singing along.
During a short intermission midway through the concert, the Bowl had a raffle – uh, an opportunity drawing – for a variety of prizes. We didn’t have to buy raffle tickets – every audience member was given a ticket at the entrance. And these were great prizes, too – even a round-trip voucher from Jet Blue airlines. Can you imagine paying $10 for a concert ticket then winning an airline voucher?!
Another fun thing was that the Burbank Credit Union handed out these terrific little LCD flashlights to everyone. These were great to have on hand at dusk. Rather than flicking our lighters (and how many of us have those on hand anymore?), we fired up our little flashlights and waved them in the air.
At the end of a day that saw near record-breaking temperatures, the breeze that found its way up the canyon to the Bowl was welcome. It carried with it bubbles from a machine that some playful patron in the box seats had brought. At about 8:30 as the last song was being sung, the audience was on its feet, swaying to the music, waving our flashlights in the air as bubbles gently popped around us.
What a lovely way to end the weekend.
I just want to remind you about the importance of supporting the supporters of the Crescenta Valley Weekly. We had purchased tickets to the Starlight Bowl several weeks ago but in the meantime the Bowl became an advertiser with this paper. I’m very proud of our advertisers and as we approach our one year anniversary I want to say ‘thank you’ and urge our readers to visit those who have made the financial commitment to us. Without our advertisers and subscribers, we couldn’t bring you this paper every week. Remember: this is a home grown effort; no “big bucks” are backing it. So patronize our advertisers and to those who don’t advertise here, ask them “Why not?”

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