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As the workday grows ever longer, an increasing number of companies are offering alcohol as an office perk, as per the Wall Street Journal. Do we really want employers to inadvertently trigger risky behavior or alcohol addiction? In the spirit of independence from alcohol abuse, here’s the story of Leigh Steinberg as shared by our partner, Phoenix House (PH). Go to to read Mr. Steinberg’s interview on sports and sobriety. To learn more about treatment options, call (800) 378-4475.

Phoenix House of California is a nonprofit behavioral health agency in Lake View Terrace. In June, they celebrated the victories of young people over substance abuse. And they honored this powerful pioneer of sports management, Jerry Maguire inspiration, and philanthropist.

Phoenix House: “You recently celebrated three years sober. Congrats! What was your rock bottom and how did you find the path to recovery?”

Leigh Steinberg: “In March 2010, I hit my own personal bottom from alcoholism. I went from having a mansion, a limousine and office with an ocean view to not even having a car. It was a remarkably humbling experience.

My addiction had a devastating effect on both my family and my business. What worked for me was finding a sober living program, a 12-step fellowship, and a sponsor, reading critical materials, and protecting my sobriety date.

It provided a moment of clarity that I had to put my sobriety first. It also became crystal clear to me how many young people are affected by substance abuse. I realized that if they could learn in their teens or 20s what I learned in my 50s, a lot of suffering could be prevented.”

Like Mr. Steinberg, the Crescenta Valley Drug & Alcohol Prevention Coalition strives to prevent and reduce youth substance use. To succeed, we need CV adults. Share your personal and professional skills for this purpose. Add your name to our eblast list, suggest a discussion topic, join a committee, get a group together to hear about the 40 Developmental Assets and please bring a friend.

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