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Money and Politics
I would like to get money out of politics. Industry campaign contributions lead to unequal representation. One way of getting the money out is for reporters to report on campaign donations associated with the actions of a politician. For example, your recent article entitled, “AB2788 – Cellphone Antenna Device Bill Will Not Proceed,” which would have allowed placing new cellular stations without the current public hearing process, did not contain any information about the campaign contributions that Assemblyman Mike Gatto has received from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Tracfone.

According to, over 2% of all of his contributions have come from telecom companies. These companies would directly benefit from this bill but the large number of residents in our district that come out to speak against new cellphone towers would lose an important way of voicing their concerns. These donations make it seem that the corporate donors are receiving unequal representation. By highlighting the campaign contributions in articles like this, journalists can put pressure on politicians to stop taking money from the industries involved in their legislative actions.
Burt Culver

Concerts are Appreciated
I wanted to publicly thank Supervisor [Michael] Antonovich for giving his community summer concerts for 21 years. We were delighted to hear the Oak Ridge Boys and the Beach Boys this past Sunday at the L.A. Arboretum. What a great concert for the 4,000 folks who came out to enjoy the good vibrations!

The supervisor commented that he stood on that very stage when his son was only a fetus and now his son stands taller than his dad. It has been a great run for the supervisor and for all of us who have enjoyed the concerts.

Thank you, Mr. Supervisor, and let’s hope [the concerts] continue with the new supervisor.
Danette Erickson
La Crescenta

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