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Leslie Dickson is the president of the Crescenta Valley Town Council. She can be reached at
Leslie Dickson is the president of the Crescenta Valley Town Council. She can be reached at

Community commitment and striving for the best make our community a wonderful and unique place to live.

Though election week may have us focused on just a few big names, the people who make some of the biggest changes in our neighborhood are you! Our local residents, our volunteer activists, committee chairs, and neighborhood groups all make a huge impact on our community. Locally-elected politicians represent the best interests of the residents, but we need community members like you to voice your opinion and keep us informed.

Often, community action starts with just one resident who notices a new sign, a notification for a hearing, workers staking out a project, or an article in the local paper. That resident does more research, talks to his/her neighbors, and starts a discussion as to whether or not this change is good for our community.

Recently, a resident saw construction workers surveying the area at Two Strike Park. She asked about the upcoming project and followed up on it with the Crescenta Valley Town Council. Because of this resident, the CVTC was made aware of a project and was able to participate in planning to ensure the community’s highest benefit from this improvement. We will have an update on the Two Strike project at our monthly meeting on June 16 at 7 p.m. at the La Crescenta Library.

Community input is tremendously valued as we identify community needs such as the Hindenburg Sign, Prom Plus, Rosemont crossing guard, Eagle Scout projects, and even cross-jurisdictional issues like the new Welcome to Glendale sign on Foothill.  We thank our active community members and volunteer organizations like Crescenta Valley Community Association who read newspapers, attend meetings, distribute agendas, talk to their neighbors and participate in social media such as Facebook or Nextdoor.  I encourage involvement from all of our residents. Continue to share information and voice your opinions so we can all work together to keep the foothills great!