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‘Problem’ is Full of Hot Air
Once again our legislators rush in to solve a “problem” without taking the time to think. The Mylar balloon issue is so huge that they have to ban them from use. Come on folks, the problem is the balloons float up in to the power wires and short circuit the wiring causing power outages. Remember the opening of the 1984 Olympics? There is nothing wrong with a Mylar balloon as long as it does not float. Restrict Mylar balloons to being filled only with a gas that is as heavy or heavier than air. Filled with air, a Mylar balloon will not float. End of problem.
Business owners can still make balloon arrangements and make some money. Please legislators – stop over reacting. Your local business owner may appreciate it.
Tom Suter
La Crescenta

No Identity Crisis Here
I am saddened and angry that our valley, the annexed part of La Crescenta, cannot maintain the identity that the city of Glendale was proud enough to name years ago as the Crescenta Highlands (maybe La Crescenta Highlands?).
[For the proposed sign] I suggest Welcome to La Crescenta Highlands, then below in smaller letters … City of Glendale.
Linda Perry
La Crescenta

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