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Disillusioned with Prayer Breakfast
I left the Crescenta Valley Prayer Breakfast not feeling uplifted nor joyful, but upset and confused. It was my understanding that we had gathered to pray for the youth as well as the unity of our community. Looking around the room, I realized that not only was there a large turnout of people of political stature, but sadly I was one of the only youth in the room who was not there because I was scheduled to perform or otherwise obligated to attend.

Who was this event really for? It couldn’t have been for all of the community’s children; none of us were there. The inspiring words given by the many distinguished speakers were not heard by the very people they were intended for, but by a group of people who were there only to be seen. I witnessed a few people introduce themselves to the very few children there, only after shaking hands and rubbing elbows with the “important” people of the community. I even watched one school official attempt to connect with a small group of children, but when he realized that a child did not attend a school that was in his school district, he rudely turned his back and walked away.

It’s acts like these that do not make me proud to call the Crescenta Valley my home. My peers that I have grown up with and attended school with are not heard by our community leaders; our “leaders” assume what is best for us without any input from the people that they are directly affecting. If our community is so concerned for its youth, then why are we charging them $5 to attend the first five minutes of this breakfast before they have to leave in order to get to school on time?

None of the kids around here could have even told you that this event was taking place. I have attended both of the prayer breakfasts and I do not plan on attending any more. The true cause has been lost, and it is very upsetting that so few people can look past themselves to see why we are really gathering in prayer.

I attended Mountain Avenue Elementary School for seven years, Rosemont Middle School for two, graduated from Crescenta Valley High School, and I am now attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. I know this community better than most; regretfully I can say that the youth of the Crescenta Valley are not heard [and] we all feel as though we do not matter around here. Things need to change in our community. There is a huge disconnect between the generations of people that call this place home.

Patrick Arnold
La Crescenta

Recognizing Flag Week
Dear President Obama,
The Congress of the United States, by Joint Resolution on June 9, 1966, approved H.J. Resolution 763 proclaiming the week in which the 14th occurs as National Flag Week, and the same resolution requested that the President is to issue every year a proclamation and also to call upon citizens of the United States to display the flag during that week.

The origin of Flag Week is also very special to me because I am one of few people alive that was involved originally with Bill Bailey of Montrose, the Crescenta-Cañada Rotary Club, Don Carpenter, the editor of the Ledger Newspaper, and Congressman H. Allen Smith, on the successful accomplishment of Flag Week.

Every year since 1967 I have sent a letter to each of the Presidents, and sometimes the White House sent a copy of the Proclamation to me. But no publicity is given. This causes me anger and shame because 47 years after the original proclamation, the majority of the people with whom I speak remain in ignorance of Flag Week.

Mr. President, at this critical time in our nation, I would like to make a request. As an immigrant and a proud citizen of this country, I ask you to please make it your business to see that more publicity and public instruction is devoted to Flag Week. Proper recognition of the week is needed for Old Glory to receive proper respect, which our flag richly deserves.

It is my hope that this year, President Obama, you will give some publicity to Flag Week and maybe in the near future we will include in our national calendar this event as a reminder to everyone to display their flag that week.

This is my hope and a reminder to everyone in our communities to put the flag out that week, regardless of what is going to be done nationwide and help to demonstrate that there are still enough good Americans and that patriotism is still alive in our communities.

Vito Cannella

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