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Remembering Joe & Marian Mirsky –
The  “Honorary Grandparents” of CVHS


Special thanks to the Crescenta Valley Town Council for honoring Joe and Marian Mirsky at the May 31 Arbor Day celebration.

Joe was noticed by CV Principal Sam Nicholson walking around the track, recovering from a heart issue. Sam invited Joe to walk the stairs around the school. With that, Joe became part of the school, a pillar of support to a group of students. He even sat in some of the classes.

Given Joe and Marian’s proximity to the school (across the street), they kept an eye open, especially on the weekends. Joe had the phone number for all the CV principals and would often call them. Marian worked at the snack bar for the volleyball team. During volleyball season, the stand was known as “Grandma’s Kitchen.” She donated her time to Lincoln Elementary and Prom Plus. Marian was also a long time volunteer for the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, and though she was officially recognized at the awards banquet in 2000, we appreciated her every day.

These two people were very special to the community, and especially to the students at Crescenta Valley High School. The majority of the students called them grandma and grandpa.

For many, many years, they both attended most of the athletic events that CV participated in. They were invited, by the students, to numerous senior proms and other school-sponsored events. They both were always available to talk with the kids and provide support, especially for those students who were having troubles at home and with their friends. Both were recognized by students and staff as part of the school community. Both were caring adults who made a difference in young people’s lives.

Former principal Linda Evans said that for many people, living next to a high school would be a strain – the traffic, the coming and going at all hours, and teenagers. Joe and Marian saw this as a plus. They accepted the kids, cared for them, and truly made a difference.

Another former principal, Ken Biermann, said they were “our” counselors for many years, providing that special relationship needed by a lot of high school students. Their passion and love for the school can never be replaced.

Joe and Marion Mirsky were true Falcons.

Jean Maluccio

La Crescenta

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