What a full weekend in Crescenta Valley!

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Robin Goldsworthy from the desk of the publisher

Montrose was host to a variety of activities. In addition to taking care of the girls getting ready for La Cañada and Crescenta Valley high school proms on Saturday, Kim and Kris and their crew at Merle Norman Cosmetics worked their magic on Joycie Dungca, the lovely bride who walked down not a church aisle but Honolulu Avenue when she wed Steve Weatherby on Saturday afternoon.

The entire Montrose Shopping Park seemed to have been a part of the couple’s special day with local businesses providing the cake, catering, and even the reception. To learn more of this one of a kind event, read Shari Emami’s cover story.

After the high school girls were done with their make up and the boys outfitted in their tuxedos, parents of Crescenta Valley High seniors wished their kids well as they headed out to Long Beach for the 2010 Prom. Held at the V20 nightclub, from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. seniors danced and ate the night away. But the festivities were far from done.

More than 400 teenagers arrived at the Crescenta-Cañada YMCA after midnight to continue the fun at Prom Plus. This was the highest number of students – by far – that have ever attended the after prom event. And though two additional food runs had to be made – with choices limited to CVS and 7-Eleven – the kids were kept fed and busy. Kudos to Lisa Yeghiayan and the underclassmen of the newly formed Prom Plus Club who kept the food coming through the whole night.

When she wasn’t keeping the kitchen under control, Lisa was walking a reporter from channels 2 and 9 through the Y showing her everything that was going on. Prom Plus and the Y made it on the ten o’clock news!

Special thanks are extended to Bob Fletcher who has valiantly directed the volunteers every year for the last several; to KIIS FM who kicked the event off and stayed until 4 a.m.; to Mary O’Keefe who (again) decorated the Y so completely that party goers felt as if they stepped into Alice’s rabbit hole (the Prom Plus theme this year was Through the Looking Glass); photographer Leonard Coutin who not only traveled to Long Beach to get shots of the kids at prom but also went to Prom Plus to get more shots (which you can find on page 10); the students from the Prom Plus Club who did everything from decorating to clean up: and finally the parents and community leaders who made donations of money and time to pull the event together.

The event ended with more than 200 students singing Happy Birthday to me at 4 a.m.

Not surprising, Steve and I fell into bed exhausted just after 5 a.m. and after getting some much needed sleep headed over to Memorial Park in La Cañada where we watched fireworks and ate barbecue. A grand way to spend a birthday.

Thank you to the many well-wishers who sent birthday greetings my way. It took me by surprise how many people cared and I appreciate it.

Finally, the reason for the three day weekend: Memorial Day.

The local commemorations were well attended at both Two Strike Park and the Vietnam War Memorial in Montrose. With hundreds at both events, a note of gratitude is extended to those who organized the events, but mostly to those for whom the day was dedicated.

Thank you.

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