Letter to the editor:

Offer Ideas for Rockhaven

I would like to offer a suggestion for Rockhaven as the city proceeds with its preliminary plans.

Rockhaven, with its sprawling, treed grounds, provided a sanctuary for women who needed care and compassion. It was conceived of and existed as an alternative that was superior to what was available for mental health treatment at the time. As the founder of Rockhaven had the vision to establish a better choice for treatment, the City of Glendale now has an opening to make a new and much needed haven.

I am proposing that the plans for Rockhaven include a garden space dedicated to peace. A landscape architect designing such a space would have a great start with the natural serenity that already exists on the grounds. Interactive, experiential features could be added such as a labyrinth walk. There could be means of expression and communication for visitors to leave messages of hope and prayers for peace. I imagine members of the community having input on the design in order to make it as meaningful to as many people as possible. This might include representatives from local Islamic, Jewish, and Christian congregations, Atheists United, Veterans groups, the Montrose Peace Vigil, Crescenta Valley Historical Society, environmental groups, educators, and law enforcement.

The garden would offer a peaceful setting for all who visit it and would also be a place for focusing our hopes for peace in the future. I encourage you to consider this idea as a way to honor Rockhaven’s past and to renew and transform its assets into a haven appropriate for our community.

Jeanne Lavieri
La Crescenta