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History Repeats Itself


In a coincidence that our small town within the metropolis allows, Stuart Byles and I were recently extolling the pleasures and benefits of people of different beliefs being able to work toward shared goals. He and I both volunteer in historic preservation efforts though in other areas we diverge. He is a wine expert and imbiber while I prefer beer, to cite an important example. The list of our political differences is long, yet we can find productive and civil common ground.

I agree with him that our droughts and floods will come and go, as they always have here. He also states that, “Weather reporters go to great lengths on the national news to say that the blizzards in the NE and the drought in California are all connected to global warming, without offering a shred of hard evidence to support their assertion.”

Here I need to point out to my friend that neither do we need to offer evidence when citing the effects of the theories of gravitation or of evolution in nature. The scientific reality of these phenomena is accepted just as the impact of human-caused climate change (a more accurate term than “global warming”) in our increasingly extreme weather is accepted by all but a discredited tiny handful of scientists.

Roberta Medford


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