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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we keep up on alcohol and drug use and abuse. Professionals and academics are now using the clinical term “substance use disorders” as we move into a disease-based approach to this insidious situation.

After a lovely weekend, I’m sharing a zeitgeist snapshot, what I’m calling cultural chit-chat leaving out ISIS, war, racial violence, poverty, etc.

State legislatures are considering marijuana-related policies. “Texas House panel approves full legalization of marijuana.” “Montana attorney general wants medical marijuana injunctions overturned.” “DHHS wants to tighten reins on Maine’s small medical marijuana growers” and “Louisiana Senate Votes to Legalize Strict Medical Marijuana bill.”

“Free-range” parents are rising up to reclaim childhood adventures for children. Empower Kids Maryland hopes kids get to play without supervision “…to send the message that letting our kids go to the park and walking safely through our neighborhood on their own should be the norm – not the exception.”

Ladies Coloring Clubs are springing up, complete with crayons, coloring books and silly fun. Maybe coloring daily could be your 100 Day Challenge goal. This challenge is about reaching a personal goal and may appeal to  those of you with a bucket list.

Men are going for clean-shaven faces or taking the lumbersexual route.
Walking meetings are popular because sitting is the new smoking.
Hip hop has been scientifically determined to be the most influential musical genre on American life, beating out the British Invasion and punk. 
People are drinking cold-pressed juices and kombucha because coffee is out.  (???)

Another trending “drink” is the Vaportini – vaporizing alcohol – described as taking a shot into your eyeball. Sigh and head shake…

Researchers at the University of Michigan looked at the social media norm called “sharenting” to measure the impact parents’ posts have on their children. They conclude parents need to protect their child’s privacy.

Road trips to historical sites are in this summer. Fast food is waning as kids now cook. Families are active and each member wants WiFi. Please remember to get permission before sharing photos!

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